Fetch Life Collar Clip Owner and Inspiration 
When I adopted my adorable Franny in 2015, I could tell we were a match made in heaven: she was into fashion, just like me. So I was on a constant hunt for cute bling and accessories that would express her pawsome personality.

I'd been helping humans express their feelings with my greeting card business for over 10 years, Fresh Frances Greetings and Gifts.  So I figured, why couldn't I do something like that for pups?  That's when Franny B Good Collar Charms was born: smart, sassy little charms 4-legged friends can wear on their collars, telling the world what they're into, what they're thinking, and how they like to grab life by their paws.

Each little collar charm is lightweight, easy to put on, and totally affordable. With hundreds to choose from, you can switch them up to match any occasion or mood. What's your dog got to say? Say it with sass, and Grab Life by the Paws!